VETS: Empowering Defense Technology Innovation through Real-world Testing

Technology hasn’t only changed the business landscape but also how wars are fought and borders are protected. To further strengthen defense efforts, the federal government is continuously upgrading existing technologies and incorporating innovations. To move ahead in this direction, defense and civilian agencies need a trusted partner to implement these new technologies and support their operations. Helping these agencies with high-quality services is Veteran Enterprise Technology Services, LLC (VETS). With almost two decades of experience in the industry, the company provides IT, systems engineering, and program management support services. Founded in 2002, VETS is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE). “We are flexible and agile to change with clients and provide superior support, anticipating their needs and staying up-to-date in defense and technology arena,” says Tom Flannery, CEO of VETS.

VETS offers top-notch services in IT, logistics management, systems engineering, range and installation services, and training. The company primarily focuses on operational and developmental testing services and helps government agencies assess the performance of bleeding-edge technologies. VETS conducts field testing that measures how well the technologies operate in the real world and whether they deliver results as advertised. Since confidentiality a critical component of defense programs, the company operates as a reliable partner for government agencies, ensuring absolute discretion as per contract requirements. The company has successfully completed several contracts for the Department of Defense (DoD) as well as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
What makes VETS stand apart from competitors is its stellar reputation as a reliable real-world testing company. The =firm efficiently conducts the evaluation of solutions and provides detailed reports, helping clients save money and time. “Our reputation attracts several professional employer organizations or contractors to send their systems for testing. By doing this, we help them receive accurate results and provide government with best-in class solutions,” comments Flannery. Further bolstering the unique capabilities of the company is its seasoned and highly-skilled team of military veterans. These professionals bring deep knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in real-world scenarios enhancing the quality of VETS’s testing services. The company, in return, ensures financial stability and excellent work culture for its professionals. “The industry is ever changing with new trends and updates. When you get down to the core, it’s the people that make the difference. We strive to provide a stable work environment to recruit right people and retain them,” explains Flannery.

Elucidating the efficiency of VETS’s ingenious services, Flannery highlights an instance wherein the company helped a client with knowledge management and equipment support. The client specialized in advising on equipment and responding to their customers with information about various aspects of the equipment when needed. However, they struggled to work efficiently as the information was spread across paper and electronic media. VETS developed an automated knowledge-based management system, including all the relevant material such as manufacturer’s user manuals. Further, the client also faced an issue with counter-improvised explosive devices (IED) equipment, resulting in classified video conferencing and calls every week. To ease the communication, VETS devised a system to allow the engineers to participate in the video conferences and search for information in the database to provide solutions to the problems raised during the call. For instance, a vexing challenge the client faced was communication black-out when counter-IED was turned on due to the wrong positioning of antenna mounts on various vehicles. The engineers were able to view the equipment in vehicles and provide advice on how far apart the antenna mounts should be placed. VETS effectively helped the client resolve issues that were not even part of the contract.

Numerous such successful partnerships have enabled VETS to steadily grow in its space. The company currently supports space missions at NASA in Johnson Space Center and Kennedy Space Center. VETS is also backing the air force space command launch programs and commercial launches in Vandenberg, Patrick, and Canaveral Space Centers. Further, the company plans to continue facilitating test launches of Minuteman, ICBMs, and other interceptor missiles. Anticipating the growth of hypersonic in the military, the company looks forward to entering into hypersonic testing. Moving ahead, VETS is well-positioned to assist clients in achieving their goals seamlessly with unparalleled expertise and disruptive innovations.
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Ashburn, VA

Tom Flannery, CEO

VETS supports a growing number of U.S. Government defense and civilian agencies with technology, systems engineering, and construction and program management support services

"We are flexible and agile to change with clients and provide superior support, anticipating their needs and staying up-to-date in defense and technology arena"

- Tom Flannery, CEO