TRIAEM: A Strategic Approach To Supporting Us Intelligence & Cybersecurity Operations

Tori Hobgood, Managing Partner, TRIAEMTori Hobgood, Managing Partner
TRIAEM employees understand our commitment to them and in turn, they are strongly committed to TRIAEM. We consider them to be the pillars of our success and the reason why we add value to their lives by continuously offering the bestbenefits and incentives,” begins Benjamin Hobgood, Member at TRIAEM.This people-first organizational culture has enabled TRIAEM to build a team of loyal and exceptional professionals offering quality services— from management and acquisition planning to systems engineering and execution oversight.

At its core, TRIAEM is an SBA Certified, Economically Disadvantaged, Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) that provides exceptional engineering, management, and acquisition services to the US Cybersecurity and intelligence operations worldwide. Today, the company offers OCI-free professionals support to organizations for systems architecture, integration and engineering, cybersecurity, acquisition, project/program management, agile coaching, and geospatial-intelligence focused scientific and analysis services.

Since its inception 10 years ago, TRIAEM has evolved with the changing landscape of customer needs and priorities; growing and incorporating emerging technologies to stay one step ahead for customer mission success.

Realizing the efficient and effective nature of agile methods, TRIAEM’s engineers began training, certification and ultimately, integration of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)into systems engineering and integration efforts for clients.

This enabled customers like the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to migrate from legacy SELC waterfall engineering model to a more agile environment,” adds Tori Hobgood, Managing Partner, TRIAEM.
Since then, the company has continuously assisted the government’s cybersecurity professionals and analysts with an agile framework exclusively tailored to their needs.

TRIAEM’s unmatched competency is powered by its bespoke services focused on five core areas; Manage – TRIAEM’s PMP-certified staff of project managers, program managers, and portfolio managers collaborate with clients to help support lengthy acquisitions, complex program or portfolio management to include international partners. Engineer – Providing professionals who turn mission needs into viable requirements and designs across complex and often disparate platforms through multi-level experience, expertise, and knowledge in developing and overseeing the deployment capabilities that meet end-user needs. Train – Leveraging human-centered design, agile, SAFe, and lean startup methodologies in training and enabling teams to determine project risks, develop plans, and articulate agile sprint plans for execution.
  • We don’t just expect commitment from our employees, we commit back

Secure – “We also offer information security and cybersecurity services under the aegis of Secure. Our experts analyze and assesses clients’ existing systems to ensure their preparedness, compliance, and resilience,” adds Hobgood. Innovate – Coupling geospatial-intelligence and imagery science with well-trained professionals, the company offers critical data and testing support across sensor platforms and products to continuously improve platform offerings.

Such unparalleled services have enabled TRIAEM to lead projects to success. For instance, in an acquisition effort between a U.S. government agency and an international partner, the TRIAEM contributed to the development of an extensive architecture baseline to include defining future operational and functional level requirements. “Our professionals initiated and conducted Technical Exchange Meetings (TEMs) and interviews to gather stakeholder and decision maker needs across multiple IT platforms. As the project moved to the source selection phase of the acquisition, TRIAEM built a thorough and compliant training curriculum followed by execution of a 90-day training session tailored to the complex procurement for a US international partner. We received accolades from both partners as the entire effort completed on time andwas a huge success!” prides Hobgood.

This is one of the many instances where TRIAEM has proven its excellence. Moving ahead, it is looking forward to helping customers and building a quality-based reputation. The company is also expecting steady and strategic growth by supporting its employees in expanding their knowledge base. “Our company understands the significance of being profoundly thoughtful about each employee’s well-being, work environment, and benefits. Our philosophy is simple: we invest in our employees and add value to their lives. In turn, they have the confidence to invest in the customer and provide superior levels of professional services,” concludes Tori.
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Tori Hobgood, Managing Partner

TRIAEM is an economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business that provides exceptional services to experienced military and intelligence operations professionals