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David ‘Max’ Korzen,Vice President for Aerospace, Defense, and Government, The Beacon GroupDavid ‘Max’ Korzen,Vice President for Aerospace, Defense, and Government
Firms within the aerospace and defense industry are facing headwinds in both the civil and government sectors.

Sustainable, scalable growth is one of the largest challenges due to the plateauing U.S. defense budget, which signals program cuts over the coming decade. At the same time, firms need to make hard decisions about how to invest scarce IRAD dollars in emerging areas of demand from the US Department of Defense (DoD) for novel technologies like hypersonics, counter-UAS, and joint all domain operations. Additionally, the commercial aerospace sector took a deep hit in the COVID era as both leisure and business travel evaporated nearly overnight. Indications are that the civil aerospace industry will likely rebound in coming months and years, but difficulties in the form of supply chain disruptions, uncertain demand for business travel, labor shortages,and the looming possibility of COVID variants still pose persistent threats to the market.

It is in these waters that you’ll find The Beacon Group. Leaders in the aerospace and defense sector frequently enlist the expertise of Beacon a growth strategy consulting firm to meet the challenges in these highly uncertain markets.

Founded in 2001, Beacon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Aerospace and defense was the first area of focus for the company, and their practice has conducted over 400 market studies in defense, aerospace and federal civil markets, often working in close collaboration with the firm’s other industry verticals: Healthcare, Technology, Industrials and M&A.

Beacon’s Aerospace and Defense practice is led by Vice President David ‘Max’ Korzen, a 20-year veteran of industry and military service. Korzen’s career includes 12 years as an Air Force special operations pilot with involvement in security cooperation and foreign military sales, as well as robust experience in commercial and civil aerospace.

“Beacon’s engagements have spanned all aspects of the defense, aerospace and federal civil sectors,” noted Korzen. “In our twenty years of operation, we’ve supported our clients with projects focusing on hypersonic weapons, naval radars, Joint All Domain Operations, training, cyber security, modeling and simulation, and numerous topics in between.
We’ve provided critical insight to drive overall corporate strategy, and detailed capture support at the tactical level.”Beacon’s distinct approach is built on a belief that successful growth strategies are founded on high-quality market insight. Their capabilities and offerings include

Research and Analysis

Understanding market characteristics is a central part of Beacon’s value to their clients. Their research often targets providing market definition, segmentation and sizing, and can employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in approaching the scoped subject matter or customer base.

Strategic Growth Support

Beacon’s Growth Framework offers a unique and fresh technique to provide growth pathways for their clients. Developed by Cliff Farrah, Beacon’s founder and CEO, this detailed analytical tool provides a methodical approach to assess growth pathways and allow clients to consider varied options to achieve their top line growth objectives. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Mr. Farrah worked with Wiley Press to publish the best-selling book Growing the Top Line, which shares an in depth look at how the framework is applied across Beacon’s client base, and is available on in print, digital, and audio format. At its core, this strategy provides a repeatable, straightforward structure to deeply consider all the ways in which a company could scale, how to efficiently eliminate potential missteps, and how to focus on the right opportunities.

Strategy Advisory Services

Providing strategic insight through services such as competitive intelligence, customer voice, black hats, pipeline enhancement, and opportunity analyses are at the core of Beacon’s consulting services.

As roughly half of Beacon’s work spans across the globe, the firm maintains a robust, in-house foreign language capability to reach deeply into foreign markets. The majority of Beacon’s research team speaks a second language to support them as they engage with customers in all international geographies.

Projects are conducted with an immersive, fast-paced methodology, and typically happen in half the time of traditional consulting engagements. Employing a three-phase approach, the team will review secondary data, and then engage with industry experts such as analysts, market watchers, government officials, military personnel, and executives of relevant industries to understand varied perspectives of the specific market. The Beacon research team will then triangulate these viewpoints to create a synthesized assessment of the current and likely future market state.

Beacon’s analysis is based on direct market data, which is a powerful way to bridge clashing perspectives and refocus on the empirical findings. Data serves as a unifying force in uncertain markets and is the foundation of Beacon’s recommendations. A highly prescriptive firm, Beacon has provided their clients with specific and actionable recommendations that have resulted in billions of dollars of growth for their clients over their twenty-year history.

The Beacon Group’s collaborative client engagement process is a final hallmark of the firm. Clients are asked to set aside time every week to meet with them, collaborate, review draft deliverables, and join in on discourse on findings. As Korzen describes it, “our client is engaged in the work throughout the life cycle of development, becoming an integral part of the successful analysis and synthesis of market research data.”

If you are considering how you might drive and sustain successful scale in your business, it’s certainly worth giving them a call.
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The Beacon Group

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David ‘Max’ Korzen,Vice President for Aerospace, Defense, and Government

The Beacon Group is a growth strategy consulting firm that helps clients drive sustainable, scalable and predictable growth.

The Beacon Group

"Our client sees the work throughout the life cycle of development, becoming an integral part of the successful analysis and synthesis of market research data"

- David ‘Max’ Korzen,Vice President for Aerospace, Defense, and Government