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Patrice Caine, CEO, Thales Group(HO: EPA)Patrice Caine, CEO
Increased aircraft procurements in the commercial and military aviation sectors and increased passenger traffic and military spending by countries are driving avionics companies to develop cutting-edge systems to improve the safety and efficiency of an aircraft. However, when it comes to the implementation, integration, and certification of new technologies, a question arises, who will do the development, bear the cost, and manage the overall integration effort? As a prominent avionics solution provider, Thales Group holds leadership positions in electronic onboard equipment and ground-based systems for navigation, air-traffic control, and simulation.

As one of the world’s largest aerospace suppliers, Thales is a well-known leading provider of avionics for all major global airframers. Its flight decks, equipment, flight instruments, and software functions are onboard the most successful aircraft programs in air transport, including regional and business jets. Thales’ equipment is also utilised in military air transport aircraft and fighters and civil and military helicopters. Thales, as a lead systems integrator for civil aircraft avionics, selects equipment suppliers and combines their products within a robust, open architecture to produce full shipsets with 120 different items. It assists the aircraft manufacturer with certification, ensuring that all required documentation, processes, and assurances are in place when the avionics solution is put into service. The company is uniquely positioned to combine cutting-edge technologies and produce world-class secure, user-friendly interactive cockpits and avionics systems for civilian and military aircraft of all types. Its innovative ‘supported-through-life’ tactics maximise aircraft and crew efficiency. It has vast expertise in civil and business aircraft, helicopters, military aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). On the maintenance side, over 1,100 highly skilled avionics employees work through locally based operations worldwide to provide a global service that supports flexible system architectures, ease of maintenance, and upgradability.

Tailored Approach for Avionics Solutions

Thales collaborates with aircraft manufacturers from the beginning of each program, providing advanced simulation tools and resources to validate operational concepts and tailor the avionics suite to the aircraft.

With this approach, Thales can meet delivery deadlines while also ensuring that the avionics solutions reach the required level of maturity before the aircraft’s first flight. Manufacturing development begins as soon as the prototypes are produced and continue throughout the programme; Thales keeps up with aircraft production rates by implementing flexible supply chain management solutions recognised by the industry for exceptional quality assurance and on-time delivery performance.
Thales invests significantly in R&D to design avionics suites and technologies that address the future challenges of the aerospace industry and meet the exacting requirements of air transport operators. Its advanced avionics concepts help to shape all-new aircraft programmes and are available as a retrofit or upgrade solutions for earlier generations of airliners.

Robust Next-Gen Products

Thales’ FlytX flight deck system with tactile interaction and large displays fits any size of civil & military cockpit such as helicopter, turboprop, and business jet. FlytX is a ready-to-fly line-fit and retrofit cockpit avionics suite developed in collaboration with pilots, ergonomists, physicians, and engineers over ten years. Thales FlytX is focused on flight crew operations, which are aimed at decreasing training, optimising workload, and improving safety. The solution’s design focuses on intuitive and task-oriented interfaces, and only the relevant and necessary information is displayed when needed. It provides invaluable decision-making support and assistance in the event of an emergency and reduces the workload complexity of a wide range of operators’ mission profiles. Similarly, Thales features a comprehensive product portfolio that is efficient and reliable at the same time.

Reliable Navigation Systems

Air Traffic Control Operators (ATCO) are not the only ones who require constant awareness of an aircraft’s position in their airspace; aeroplanes must also be able to rely on the onboard equipment to provide accurate positioning along their flight path. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) primary function assist navigation, but these systems are highly vulnerable to spoofing and jamming. Thales provides a comprehensive portfolio of Navigation-Aids (NAVAIDS) to support its civil and military clients in ensuring safe navigation, ensuring that no false or absent coordinates jeopardise Air Traffic Management (ATM) within a given airspace.

Thales offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance and dependable Navigation Aids products based on years of experience and the successful delivery of 10,000 systems in 170 countries. With advanced, secure features designed to shape the future of civil and military aviation, its innovations comply with all mandatory regulations, meeting all customers’ needs with long-term investments. The company’s ILS (instrument landing system) assists aircraft during the airport approach and landing phases of the flight. Clients can utilise ILS in fixed and deployable applications for civil and military customers to provide operational safety, suitable and effective precision guidance approach and landing. Its expertise in proven equipment is also bolstered by the 5th generation of DME / CVOR / DVOR / TACAN equipment for a more digital, efficient, and safer sky.
  • Thales Collaborates With Aircraft Manufacturers From the Beginning of Each Program, Providing Advanced Simulation Tools and Resources to Validate Operational Concepts and Tailor the Avionics Suite to the Aircraft

Thales’ portfolio also includes en-route and approach guidance systems for aircraft and pilots that provide insight into the accurate distance between the plane and the concerned ground station. It delivers innovative DME solutions such as CVOR 532 / DVOR 532 for the most challenging civil and military applications. The new generation of ground-based radio navigation aids enables an aircraft to determine its bearing relative to the system’s location, supporting approach and en-route guidance. This new technology delivers higher performance and reliability owing to the modern design and the latest technologies integrated. Moreover, Thales offers Tactical naval, military, and ground-based navigation aids (TACAN) that provide bearing and range information for civil aviation. Clients can benefit from its broad range of TACAN ground-based navigation-aids solutions available for shipboard, fixed-site, mobile, and man-portable operations. With such offerings and a vast experience in avionics, Thales will continue to be a leading solution provider in the market, all the while developing new and advanced products for the future.
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Thales Group(HO: EPA)


Patrice Caine, CEO

As one of the world's largest aerospace suppliers, Thales is a well-known leading provider of avionics for all major global airframers