TDM Aerospace: A Focus Approach to Aerospace Manufacturing

Tube fabrications, which convey a wide range of fluids and gases, are integral building blocks of airframe systems. However, OEMs and sub-tier suppliers find these tubes complex and difficult to manufacture because of a wide variation in material type, geometry, and performance requirements. Human intervention only adds to the complexity, reducing reliability and driving up production expense already burdened by high supply chain costs.

Solving the complexity of this flight critical commodity, TDM Aerospace (TDM), a leading airplane parts manufacturer, operates as a focus factory for titanium and stainless-steel tubes and duct systems. TDM employs technology to the greatest extent to infuse process discipline in fabrication, with a majority of its core practices automated to accelerate production time and rates, improve reliability, and reduce variations cost-effectively and efficiently.

“We’re a centimeter wide and a kilometer deep in terms of our capability for a narrow product range,” says Lou Winoski, co-founder of TDM Aerospace.

TDM’s focus factory is optimized for high volume production, trading off low volume, high margin revenue for high volume, low margin business based on the identified need of its launch customer, The Boeing Company, one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. This focus approach of manufacturing allows the company to employ a minimal general and administrative (G&A) structure, thereby enabling it to expand along with customer and product axes while retaining cost competitiveness.

Built from the ground up, TDM’s factory is configured in a horseshoe, allowing factory-wide visual access. The company worked with key suppliers to optimize equipment for the shop, constructing a floor design to improve throughput that helps ensure less downtime and more utilization. The production facility houses state-of-the-art equipment and processes that are unmatched in the industry.

With processes driven by CATIA V5 digital product definition, TDM’s factory features all-electric CNC bending, semi-automatic orbital arc welding, digital x-ray, integrated process control, pressure testing, and final cleaning capabilities. The factory’s cloud-based ERP and integrated MRP from SAP, combined with visual input from its lean open manufacturing, allows the company to manage and keep track of its business in real time. At its current factory footprint, TDM can produce up to 30,000 titanium and stainless-steel tubes per month.

TDM’s innovative factory allows customers to focus on their unique requirements to achieve best-in-class risk, quality, cost, and delivery (RQCD). As a process-driven company, TDM embraces a disciplined approach with a commitment to continuous improvement, sharing its expert knowledge with customers to help them advance to state-of-the-art capabilities, thereby also driving the competitive landscape.
  • We’re a centimeter wide and a kilometer deep in terms of our capability for a narrow product range

TDM’s factory concept was set in motion with a business case for relatively simple titanium and steel tubes that its founders, Winoski and Juergen Viehrig, ideated when they identified Boeing’s need to eliminate vulnerability in its supply chain. It won them the contract with Boeing and led to TDM’s inception as the first Moroccan-owned Tier 1 aerospace company in the country’s history. TDM not only helped Boeing achieve its cost and availability objectives for flight critical hardware, but also had a far-reaching impact on Morocco’s robust multitier supply chain ambition for its Stage 2 aerospace industry.

The nation’s economic stability in turn, enabled TDM to operate on a favorable cost structure with low and stable labor costs. Being established in Morocco also meant that the company could make decisions locally, allowing profits to remain within the country. And with more local supply chains emerging, TDM can make purchases to the maximum extent domestically.

Winoski’s life experience of understanding the importance of strong and sensible leadership is reflected in TDM’s clear, unambiguous vision and execution strategy as the archetype of Morocco’s Stage 2 aerospace industrialization.

Now an officially qualified Boeing supplier, the company’s next mission is to achieve the first tier of production level by ramping up production to 10,000 tubes per month.
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TDM Aerospace

Nouaceur, Casablanca

Lou Winoski, Co-CEO

TDM is a Tier 1 Supplier to Boeing, producing titanium and stainless steel tubes for the aerospace industry. TDM operates as a focus factory for titanium and stainless-steel tubes and duct systems.

TDM Aerospace