Simba Enterprise (SimbaCom): A Trusted Partner for Mission-Critical Objectives

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Ali Sajjad, founder, and CEO, Simba Enterprise (SimbaCom)Ali Sajjad, founder, and CEO
Engaging with military units on the field and working with government and defense organizations requires a sense of readiness and preparedness that is often unseen in other operational areas. Be it satellite engineering, global telecommunications, internet protocol (IP) expertise, field maintenance or support services, Field Service Representatives (FSRs) operating across these regimes are expected to carry a military-mindset as they take to the field. Essentially, businesses providing rapidly deployable field personnel, subject matter experts, technicians, and program managers need to function as a trusted partner to the government and defense organizations and serve as an extension to their operational avenues. A company that exemplifies these traits and helps clients attain mission-critical objectives is Simba Enterprise (SimbaCom).

Ali Sajjad, founder and CEO of (SimbaCom), had the privilege of supporting the United States Warfighters across multiple theatres of operation, which allowed him to understand the country's government and defense sectors exceptionally well. From changing regulations to diverse contractual requirements, SimbaCom checks all the necessary boxes for clients across each theatre of operation or mission-critical engagement by providing people with both the experience and the clearance needed to go out and get the job done. "We live by the tagline 'above and beyond the call,' anytime and anywhere," prides the CEO, with a strong emphasis on the company's motto.
Robert Strickland, VP Business Development
In addition to providing the expertise and the personnel services to government, federal and defense sectors, SimbaCom— in association with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)—provides satellite bandwidth and communication services. As a vendor-agnostic SATCOM and IT professional service provider, SimbaCom pieces together the precise combination of hardware and software solutions based on the clients' operations prerequisites. Contrary to the trends followed by large corporations, SimbaCom comprehends its client's necessities before engaging with them on the field instead of offering off-the-shelf systems.

"When we interact with a client, we spend time with them to understand their budget, reliability requirements, and business-specific needs. We then put together the necessary system, which would once again be reviewed or altered by the client during the course of the engagement," explains Robert Strickland, VP Business Development. This iterative process of continually working with clients to refine and implement IT architecture goes a long way in empowering clients with the right technological tools for various applications.

More importantly, as a Small Minority Owned Hub Zone Business, SimbaCom is well-positioned to react to the government's immediate needs in a faster and more efficient manner than larger corporations. The company's size and mission-critical expertise play into its favor in delivering unmatched support and consultation to clients seeking assistance across the defense sector's SATCOM and IT infrastructural domains. Case in point, SimbaCom continues to grow at a 20-30 percent rate each year while focusing on the back office, cloud computing, and cybersecurity solution for the near future. "We are hoping to beef up our offerings from satellite modems all the way back to keyboards, in turn getting our services closer to the users," reassures Strickland.
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Simba Enterprise (SimbaCom)

Leesburg, VA

Ali Sajjad, founder, and CEO and Robert Strickland, VP Business Development

Provides Field Support VSAT services and IT infrastructure and communication solutions to organizations in the defense, government, and commercial sectors

Simba Enterprise (SimbaCom)

"We live by the tagline 'above and beyond the call,' anytime and anywhere"

- Ali Sajjad, founder, and CEO