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Joe DeMartino, CEO, Midstate MachineJoe DeMartino, CEO
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), among other industrialists, have been greatly affected by the pandemic due to the reductions enforced on workforces, inadequate supplies of raw materials, and many more, which has hindered business progression significantly.Without sufficient availability of resources, OEMs are facing difficulties in achieving their service level agreements, as well as aiding clients in maintaining and supplying legacy military machines and tools. The manufacturer-supplier relationships have witnessed a setback, with underperforming vendors further dragging down OEMs’ productivity. Evidently, the need for a one-stop-shop partner that can actualize engineering, machining, fabrication, assembly, additive manufacturing, finishing, and test services cannot be understated. Fulfilling this pressing demand is Midstate Machine, a first-tier supplier and specialist in the manufacturing of complex and mission-critical parts.

A division of Precision Holdings, Midstate Machine initially centered its offerings around power generation, oil and gas markets, and the like, but is currently shifting the business toward aerospace and defense sectors. With over 60 years of experience developing complex machine components, the company excels in high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) projects, translating to highly varied and specific engineering capabilities.
Leveraging its engineering skill sets, process knowledge, and manufacturing solution sets, the company creates large and robust components for turbine sections and hot sections of engines by intricate machining of hard and complex metals. Its competency in working with traditional and exotic alloys has been a key to creating machine components for strategic military applications involving the F-18 and F-35, alongside commercial aerospace applications such as the Airbus A320. “As an end-to-end service provider, we focus not just on machining, but also on a more comprehensive and complex value stream including assembly and integration of developed components,” says Joe DeMartino, the CEO of Precision Holdings. The company utilizes latest tools such as Siemens NX CAD/CAM and Vericut tools to simplify production with reduced time and expenses.

Although the company’s technological prowess has been pivotal in providing quality services, Midstate’s world class leadership team has been the backbone for its exponential growth. With highly accomplished thought leaders in the aerospace sector, the team has developed a work environment that can support a large number of new product introductions (NPI) and the ability to integrate it quickly and accurately. “Our Integrated Product Team (IPT) approach is key to achieving seamless collaboration with our customers leading to the speed and velocity required,” says DeMartino. As a result, the company has been able to acquire a considerable number of long-term contracts, thereby adding significant value to the business and enabling it to establish a strong foothold in the aerospace field.

Midstate Machine’s collaboration with a large OEM—an aero-engine manufacturer—stands as a testimony to its ability in providing exemplary manufacturing services. The client was facing difficulties in obtaining mission-critical parts due to dysfunctional and under performing suppliers, including its own in-house divisions. Midstate, through its proven track record of supplying parts and components as per clients’ requirements, enabled the manufacturer to obtain a 10-year deal to provide defense platform components. By working side-by-side with the clients, the collaboration highlighted the plans to be undertaken in order to meet long-term cost targets and helped in providing clients not just performance assurance but also the promise of quality.

Building upon these success stories, the company focuses on efficiently fulfilling the contracts obtained in the last two years. “Execution, execution, and execution is the mantra,” states DeMartino, in his conclusive remarks, shedding light on the leadership’s determination to actualize and fulfill these contracts.
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Midstate Machine

Winslow, ME & Cincinnati, OH

Joe DeMartino, CEO

Midstate Machine provides turnkey solutions for its customers through its full suite of engineering, machining, fabrication, assembly, additive manufacturing, finishing and test services for complex, mission critical parts. The company is committed to being a leader in production of the most complex components and assemblies for the aerospace, defense, power generation, and oil and gas industries. It delivers superior design and value to customers around the world. In addition to supporting full rate production programs such as F-35 and A320, the company specializes in high-mix, low-volume legacy programs to support customer challenges

Midstate Machine

"As an end-to-end service provider, we focus not just on machining, but also on a more comprehensive and complex value stream including assembly and integration of developed components"

- Joe DeMartino, CEO