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Phil Swash, CEO, LatecoerePhil Swash, CEO
The aviation sector has entered a golden age, with record order books and skyrocketing passenger volume. Aviation has several obstacles in its pursuit of these new prospects, all of which must be addressed if profitable expansion is to be sustained. In addition, passenger safety is a top priority. The parts of an aeroplane must be manufactured of suitable materials and the structure must be appropriate for the plane to be safe. To decrease the time it takes to build a complete aeroplane, aviation manufacturers diversify their parts manufacturing and distribute them to multiple aviation solution providers. Parts makers for aeroplanes must be extremely careful while creating their products. Latécoère is one such component manufacturer that is taking the industry by storm.

Latécoère, a pioneer in the domains of aero-structures and interconnection systems, works with the biggest global aircraft manufacturers from concept to production. The firm is exceptionally experienced and performance-oriented, with a mission to design and develop innovative equipment and provide tailor-made solutions to aircraft manufacturers and airlines. The Latécoère team is dedicated to assisting clients and providing solutions, and this characteristic entails a high degree of operational excellence as well as a genuine ability to innovate.

By assisting aircraft manufacturers in the development, production, certification, and in-service support of their aircraft doors drawing on a wealth of unique knowledge in terms of safety and performance, the company is positioning itself as the world’s leading independent aeroplane door manufacturer.

The Group’s aero-structures division is routinely involved in developing and manufacturing sub-assemblies for an aeronautical program within the risk-sharing framework.The Latécoère aero-structures branch designs and produces fuselage components, like sections, tail cones, and front fairings, for the world’s leading aeronautical manufacturers. Moreover, the department works in both commercial and military aircraft and is a Tier 1 partner in most major aeronautical initiatives. It is one of the European leaders in the aerospace manufacturing field owing to its design expertise, streamlined industrial organization, logistical competence, and integrated customer support.

Along with the design and development of aerostructures like aircraft doors and fuselages, the company also provides interconnection systems. Interconnection systems is a division of Latécoère that specializes in the custom design, industrialization, and manufacturing of wire systems, avionics racks, and test benches for the aerospace, defence, and space industries. These products are manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions. The department also sells a variety of embedded video systems for use in exterior or cabin surveillance. The Equipment and Systems section of the Interconnection systems division designs and produces cockpit control panels and in-flight entertainment systems (IFE) to improve the passenger experience.

The firm is well-known for its prowess in electrical harnesses and aviation Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS). Latécoère’s Interconnection Systems branch, in addition to designing and manufacturing EWIS harnesses and space, offers its clients specific services such as harness installation on the flight structure, thermal hardware connection at the customer’s facility, and on-site support. The company also offers engineering services and manufactures electrical kits. Latécoère offers an integrated worldwide network that includes European centres of excellence and lowcost industrial sites.

Latécoère’s customer services include logistical support, such as maintenance paperwork, ground support equipment, and training, as well as product support, such as on-site technical assistance, performance monitoring, and so on. The Latécoère Group has facilities near its clients all over the world to give an excellent experience, including locations in Europe, Africa, and Central America. The aeronautics equipment manufacturer can constantly deliver superior services to its partners in Germany, Mexico, Brazil, France, and other countries, thanks to their local production units.

In order to better serve clientele, the firm is presently developing the “Smart Factory,” which is a global initiative that will benefit all of the company’s locations globally. Through technology investments and breakthrough innovation, the “Smart Factory” will generate significant productivity improvements, which will lead to increased agility and responsiveness, allowing clients to better fulfil the demands of the customers.
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Toulouse, France

Phil Swash, CEO

Latécoère, as an international aviation industry leader, performs development, manufacture, and product support operations (repair, replacement, etc.) in the fields of Aerostructures and Interconnection Systems. It also has a strong presence in engineering services, tooling, and metrology. Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Mitsubishi Aircraft, Thales, Embraer, and others are among its clients. Latécoère has been involved in every major aircraft building programme conducted in the last thirty years. Recent projects have included work on the Boeing B787 programme, the Airbus A320 NEO, A350, and A400M, the Embraer E-Jet E2 programme, and the Dassault Falcon 8X.