JJFitzgerald Business Consultants: Empowering Federal Organizations with Specialized Industry and Functional Expertise

Dr. John F. Groves Sr., CEO, JJFitzgerald Business ConsultantsDr. John F. Groves Sr., CEO
Dr. John F. Groves Sr. is driven by the passion for making a difference. He likes to make waves, rock the boat, and find successes in the challenges. It was this passion that drove Dr. Groves to capitalize on his more than 20 years of military leadership experience to provide world-class business solutions to the largest companies and governments in the world. Having served the military landscape for over two decades, Dr. Groves witnessed the lack of integrity across various technology platforms in federal organizations in close quarters. “My military background helped me to see one thing: any solution that comes apart is never an individual solution; it’s a group solution. That’s when I decided to bring a holistic view of a given problem to a specific team,” recalls Dr. Groves. Driven by zeal to shed old ways of doing things and busting long-standing silos existing in such organizations, Dr. Groves laid the foundation of JJFitzgerald Business Consultants—a service disabled veteran owned small business providing expert business management and information technology services.

JJFitzgerald is a full service, solution-oriented firm with a track record of delivering superior services and results to governments and to private industry. The firm focuses on helping clients optimize performance, control costs and risks, modify systems and processes, and use change as a catalyst for profitable growth. In doing so, the firm believes in “filling in the gaps for success,” which includes identifying strategies for success, managing change across the enterprise, and developing the workforce to achieve their potential. Dr. Groves refers to JJFitzgerald as a strategic business consultancy committed to bringing value-adding services and solutions to its clients. Backed by rich and extensive experience in federal acquisition, program management, compensation and classification, supply chain management, federal acquisition training, process improvement, business analysis, data analytics, big data management, database management, and much more, Team JJFitzgerald is on a mission to equip federal organizations with the best-in-class services and rigorous, proven strategy and operational improvement methodologies for delivering outstanding results. Today, the consultancy firm is empowering several renowned federal organizations in the U.S. with its specialized industry and functional expertise.

Carving a Niche

However, all of this did not manifest overnight, which is why it is imperative to throw light on the challenges JJFitzgerald has overcome to truly understand and appreciate the niche it has created.
Talking about the barriers the company had to address, Dr. Groves says that with hundreds of federal contractors cluttering the marketplace, it is difficult for small and medium-sized organizations to distinguish themselves from one another. “But how do you find something new in a place that has been operating for years?” he muses. However, JJFitzgerald has been able to curate a loyal customer base over the years and carve out a name for themselves.

“Everyone has the same skillset and is vying the same type of business. Evidently, this becomes an issue for federal organizations to choose a vendor that meet their specific requirements and on the other hand, it makes the competition between small and medium sized contractors and the larger counterparts fiercer. Finding your niche is thus very important. As a result, success here means filling in the gaps,” stresses Dr. Groves, founder and CEO, JJFitzgerald.

Since its inception in 2012, JJFitzgerald has mastered the art of filling these gaps with its extensive experience and highly-customized consulting services. Elaborating more on this client-first approach that the company follows, Dr. Groves explains that his team believes that there are three types of companies; those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. “For this reason, we are constantly striving to ensure we understand our clients’ businesses and that we stay abreast with their needs by making things happen for them,” he adds. In order to make this happen, JJFitzgerald’s consultants work closely with the clients to understand their wants and requirements and provide solutions accordingly, even before they know they have a problem. “Unlike other contractors that focus on being reactive, we maintain a proactive nature in our client relationships, ensuring that we know what our clients want before they know it. This allows us to overcome the gaps and provide key services that others fail to offer,” explains Dr. Groves. Needless to say, this attention to details and the ability to “provide solutions before there is a problem” positions JJFitzgerald uniquely in the industry.

Solving Problems Before They Occur

With a vision to solve problems before they occur, JJFitzgerald ensures to dig into the “what, why, when and how” aspects of the clients’ requirements. The client onboarding process involves creating a portfolio highly customized for each client through an in-depth and thorough assessment of “where the client is at the moment” and “where they want to reach.” Dr. Groves goes on to explain, “We build a team of different skillsets on purpose so that they have different point of views and can approach a given problem from different angles. This is followed by creating a report that highlights the trouble spots, provides a 360-degree view of a problem and the portfolio of solutions to solve the same.”

Putting theory into practice demonstrates numerous success stories that JJFitzgerald has scripted for its clients with its “unique way of approaching problems and an equally unique service model.” In one instance, the company engaged a client that was managing its data on spreadsheets. On assessment, JJFitzgerald found out that the client had five plots, and none of them were connected. “We went in and created a tool for them to put all their data in a centralized database. Then we made connection points to their shippers, receivers, trainers,and everyone else to whom those data aspects were related, to help them understand what’s happening with their data,” recalls Dr. Groves. Not only were the results impressive, they also helped the client afford “golden nuggets” from the data. That’s not all; Team JJFitzgerald also helped the client develop a system to overcome the data requirements.

While the pandemic continues to create ripples across the business development market and compels professionals to undertake unprecedented tasks, JJFitzgerald has fared in this changing landscape. The company will soon launch its brand-new SaaS application software service. In a bid to take on clients from the health and nutrition sphere, the application is akin to Fitbit that monitors and combines all the needs into one application. In addition to this, the company is also looking to launch another application by the end of November 2020. Dr. Groves predicts this new entrant to go head-to-head with Grammarly, and emerge as a direct competitor. The company has acknowledged that the global health crisis is bound to have long-lasting effects, and people might be compelled to work from their homes for quite some time. “Realizing the need for various digital tools, this application will develop solutions to meet those needs,” he concludes.
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JJFitzgerald Business Consultants

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Dr. John F. Groves Sr., CEO

A service disabled veteran owned small business providing expert business management and information technology services

"We are constantly striving to ensure we understand our clients’ businesses and that we stay abreast with their needs by making things happen for them"

- Dr. John F. Groves Sr., CEO