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John Ericson III, President , Ericson ManufacturingJohn Ericson III, President
The maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) of machinery and equipment in aircraft manufacturing is mostly daunted by a huge challenge of inadequate lighting and power distribution. Inadequate foot candles or uplighting from current light sources to cover the entire cabin area or too much heat rise in the ambient temperature of work area or trip hazards due to cords laying on the ground pose serious concerns for a worker building an aircraft as well as extending the current power and lighting service requires an electrician to reconfigure the operational needs.

For example, during the build-out stage, the fuselage workers have to install wires in a tight space and need a comfortable environment. "We like to be the medical doctor of power and lighting to help out the manufacturer or the employees of the contractor by providing a safe and efficient working environment," begins John Ericson III, President of Ericson Manufacturing Co.

With a hundred-plus year of industry experience, the company has been engineering and manufacturing electrical safety products (power and lighting) for all job site needs and safety. Particularly in the aerospace industry, Ericson Manufacturing designs solutions for the construction stages of an aircraft. It incorporates vital elements of adequate illumination and secure power distribution into a single solo system that safely distributes and makes the operational process more efficient.
The firm has a dedicated department of sales application engineers who meet clients virtually or onsite when permissible to understand their manufacturing challenges in the aerospace industry or defense department. The team works closely with the end-users to design exceptional solutions and helps improve their manufacturing or their application challenges of the manufacturing process.

For instance, Airbus Engineers were striving to achieve reliability, compact construction, high lumen output, and energy-efficiency within their manufacturing operations. Ericson Manufacturing designed a portable LED light stand solution, complete with telescoping dome LED, which met Airbus' lumen output and dimensional requirements. The robust and energyefficiency design utilized the new LED linear tube-style lighting and 1000 series LEDs (dome lights). A small yet stable footprint was incorporated for easy movement alongside the long aisle ways of the A321.

Being a small business, Ericson Manufacturing is highly flexible and agile. Since the company is a US manufacturer, nothing is imported from overseas, and everything is crafted domestically in Cleveland, Ohio. "We have very short lead times on standard and custom solutions," adds Ericson. Known as the best industrial durable manufacturer, the engineers design a solution from a durability perspective without escalating the process's costs since the firm wants its customers' investment into Ericson Manufacturing to be a long-term investment. The products have a multi two to five years warranty and have a high-quality track record. "We expect our products to perform, and therefore we call it a one-time lifetime investment," states Ericson.

Family-owned since 1918, Ericson Manufacturing has supported the federal government since the first World War with 100 percent Americanmade products. As an OEM specializing in commercial and custom electrical solutions, the firm has secured over 30 NSNs, has directly supported 15 federal agencies and has a long-established track record within the military (DLA, Navy, and Air Force).

The safe and successful manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft – of all shapes and sizes – is complex. It requires navigating a rapidly changing industry spurred by technology, adhering to everevolving regulations and international standards, and responding to changes in demand caused by fluctuating economies. To succeed, companies must be rigorous and standardized in their processes and flexible enough to respond to innovation – all while ensuring the ongoing safety of both workers and end-users. Whether in a pandemic environment or beyond, Ericson Manufacturing has and will always be available to help support the aerospace industry's manufacturing/ MRO sectors' power and lighting demands. "Ericson Manufacturing is the MD of Power and Lighting," concludes Ericson.
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Ericson engineers and manufactures temporary power and lighting products. Family-owned since 1918, Ericson is the industry leader in electrical safety products with a commitment to safety, ease of use, and reliability

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