Carolina Precision Technologies: A Stalwart in Precision Manufacturing for Aerospace

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Chris Cashman, CEO and President , Carolina Precision TechnologiesChris Cashman, CEO and President
Aerospace manufacturing is a sector that needs the highest level of precision with regards to machining and fabrication of aerospace and aircraft parts. This is because, unlike land transport, if there is any functionality or equipment failure in the skies, then there are lives on the line with fewer possibilities to resolve the situation. Since safety is mission critical, a majority of the aircraft manufacturers today seek components and parts from a reliable contract manufacturing partner. As the aerospace industry largely relies on precision manufacturing, contract manufacturing organizations that deliver defectfree components on time and manage complex products become highly essential.

This is precisely where Carolina Precision Technologies (CPT) marks its presence.

CPT is a renowned precision contract manufacturer specialized in delivering tight-tolerance precision parts for the aerospace industry. The company is also known for its high-precision medical devices for orthopedic and spine markets.

One of the main reasons why CPT becomes the partnerof- choice for aerospace manufacturing companies is its ability to deliver products on-time, manufacture the highest quality of micro-precision complex parts, and make communication transparent between production facilities and contract manufacturers.

Having been in the industry for over 30 years, the company is well-positioned to manufacture complex parts-everything from aviation, brake and wheel, to landing gear, fire detection, suppression and oxygen systems.
“Our in-house Swiss CNC machines, allows us to manufacture high-volume, small diameter, tight-tolerance complex parts for the aerospace industry,” states Chris Cashman, CEO and President of CPT. “We believe our experience and expertise differentiate us in the market. It’s incredible what our team has learned over the years and we use that knowledge every day to solve complex problems for our customers.” The company has three facilities on the East Coast with over 70,000 square feet combined of manufacturing floor space along with 125 machines.

CPT combines its wealth of engineering expertise, innovation, and manufacturing excellence to deliver high-quality products to be a safe and reliable partner to its clients. When it comes to customer engagement, the company’s expertise first interacts with the client to understand their requirements and specifications. Several pre-production meetings are organized by the company to capture the nuances of the designs and drawings to achieve the perfect product. This ability to develop products which align with the client’s requirements makes CPT second to none. The company also maintains continuous interaction with its clients from a customer service standpoint and offers transparent and real time communications as an essential service.

CPT’s continued success can be attributed to the experienced team that is dedicated to designing quality, defect-free parts on-time for every order. Notably, the company’s dedication to delivering high-precision, highcomplexity components stems from its people-centric mentality and a positive working environment. “We are very proud of our work culture, and our employees perform exceptionally well in terms of producing the highest quality precision products. We also strive to exhibit the characteristics of our motto LEAD that stands for leadership, execution, accountability, and discipline. This really defines us and our work culture,” asserts Cashman.

CPT’s unique value proposition can be best explained with a client success story involving one of the aerospace industry leaders. Initially, the client approached CPT with some complicated issues. CPT addressed the issue by developing defect-free products in less time. The company’s ability to deliver superior quality products at fast turnaround deliveries has earned them recognition as a supplier of the year. Today, CPT produces millions of parts annually for the client and has many shared accomplishments with its partners.

This is one of the multiple instances where CPT has proven its excellence in meeting clients’ specifications. For the future, the company will continue to create more capacity through human capital, along with new machinery and equipment. CPT will also focus on building partnerships with new clients and will expand the services and the machinery to satisfy their specifications. Also, CPT plans to invest in its employees’ education and training to maintain its growth trajectory. “We will continue to have the right planning and management in place, and expand along with our partners. Our vision is to source new business through both organic expertise and acquisition and continuously add various capabilities to our portfolio of services,” concludes Cashman.
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Carolina Precision Technologies

Mooresville, North Carolina

Chris Cashman, CEO and President

Carolina Precision Technologies (CPT) is a world-class precision contract manufacturer servicing the aerospace industries.

Carolina Precision Technologies

"Our in-house Swiss CNC machines, allows us to manufacture high volume, small diameter, tighttolerance complex parts for aerospace industry"

- Chris Cashman, CEO and President