Advanced Composite Structures (ACS): Providing Quality Helicopter Maintenance Services

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Nick Mair, VP Strategic Operations, Advanced Composite Structures (ACS)Nick Mair, VP Strategic Operations
Helicopters are instrumental in tackling missions that no other type of aircraft can accomplish. They possess high maneuverability and versatility when compared to airplanes, and as such, helicopters are often deployed in fire fighting, running rescue missions, law enforcement, and tight spaced military applications. And like all aircrafts, helicopters consist of several highly complex moving parts, of which the rotor blades are most difficult to maintain and repair with-out the right technology and expertise. Here is where Advanced Composite Structures (ACS) an independent service provider for helicopter rotor blade repair solutions rises to the occa-sion, offering reliable and affordable aircraft component repair and maintenance services. “ACS brings to bear our extensive experience in repairing any make or model of helicopter rotor blades, and we can perform the repairs better, faster, and more cost effectively than any of our competitors,” mentions Nick Mair, Executive VP, Strategic Operations.

ACS has been serving aviation operators for more than 33 years. Over the years, ACS has built a team of highly trained and skilled personnel, well-organized facilities, and specialized equip-ment to support repairs and maintenance for helicopters. With its expertise, the company pro-vides cost-effective maintenance at an early stage of the rotor blades’ lifecycle. This service allows operators to complete the maintenance, without approaching more than one OEM. For instance, if a customer approaches a service provider to fix damage to the leading edge of the rotor blade, they would replace the entire leading edge while repairing the blade. However, ACS undertakes the same repair by splicing out the damaged part of the leading edge and re-placing just a portion of the equipment.
Such a method helps the client perform the repair more economically while ensuring maximum quality.Essentially, ACS’s innovation and technological prowess enable its clients to extend the life of the blade significantly.

As a third-party service provider, ACS is not affiliated with any one particular OEM and works on all types of rotor blades. When the blades are released after repairs, they carry authorized release certificates mandated by various regulatory agencies.

In one instance, a UK-based helicopter operator approached ACS to repair their MD 900 air-craft’s flex beam. After noting the problems of the flex beam, ACS took the equipment to its facility in North America for further evaluations and repair. Subsequently, the company’s engi-neering team came up with design solutions and completed the repairs in record time. The client also cleared the FAA approval process and returned the helicopter to total working capacity.

The secret behind the company’s high-quality services lies in its ability to combine experience with innovation, which results in helicopters that fly better after leaving ACS’ shop floor. “Our clients are surprised when they see just how well their blades fly,” mentions Mair. The secret sauce to this success is ACS’s static balance equipment, which is designed in-house. More im-portantly, the company completes the repairs and maintenance in record time by leveraging a team of highly skilled professionals. “We consistently get feedback that our turnaround times are much better than our competitors’,” says Mair. It is also worth mentioning that ACS’ fair pricing structure is also one of the compelling reasons that makes them a sought-after service provider in the industry.

Moving forward, ACS plans to continue delivering its comprehensive repair services by combin-ing its experience and innovation to provide exceptional service to its customers. The company is expanding its footprint beyond the U.S. and Canada and is opening a new facility in Brisbane, Australia. The company expects that this strategic expansion will help operators in Australia utilize ACS’s expertise and bring desirable results. The new facility comes when two of the ma-jor OEMs, Sikorsky and Airbus, moved out of the Australian market, and helicopter operators in the country are left high and dry in terms of capabilities and support for repairs. Currently, cus-tomers in this region are forced to move the repair works of the rotor blades overseas, which takes a heavy toll on time and money. For that reason, the new facility in Australia provides great relief for operators across the region as they can perform the repairs onshore. With sev-eral such initiatives, the company aims to provide its clients with world-class repair and main-tenance services for the aviation industry, where cost is never a concern and quality comes first.

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Advanced Composite Structures (ACS)

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Nick Mair, VP Strategic Operations

ACS has been serving aviation operators for over 33 years, and over the years, the company has built a highly trained and skilled personnel, well-organized facilities, and specialized equipment to support repairs and maintenance. With its technology and innovation, the company provides cost-effective repairs at a premature stage of the rotor blades’ lifecycle. The company accomplishes this by providing the repairing services in a slightly different way. Typically, customers approach more than one OEMs for repairing parts of the blades. For example, typically, if a customer approaches a service provider with a damage in the leading edge of the rotor blade, they replace the entire leading edge.

Advanced Composite Structures (ACS)

"ACS comes with extensive experience in repairing any make or model of helicopter rotor blades, and we do it better, faster, and more cost effective than any of our competitors"

- Nick Mair, VP Strategic Operations