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With the advent of the very first radar technology in the 1940s, the use of technology in the aviation field has been an integral part of the provision of a safe Air Traffic Control service. Selex ES Inc., in modern times, has been at the forefront of the delivery of these systems by providing thought leadership, innovative solutions and cutting-edge systems to the ever-increasing ATC and airline industry.

Imagine an aircraft landing on the runway of a major international airport, which happens every 60 seconds on average, without world class guidance or navigation, making it impossible to know the aircraft’s position from the ground. This is unimaginable in the modern age. Pilots could lose their way, run into terrain, not find a place to land or become disorientated. A classic study supported by the AOPA Air Safety Institute determined that a pilot will lose aircraft control in 178 seconds when flying VFR (visual flight rules) into IMC (instrument meteorological conditions). This fraction of time illustrates the critical safety of life needs that navaids equipment provides.* (178 seconds - AOPA) .

At night or in bad weather, the runway can be difficult to locate but there are solutions, Selex ES Inc. provides equipment to solve these concerns and challenges. The company focuses on the communications, surveillance, and navigation (CNS) solutions for air traffic management (ATM), designing, developing, and producing equipment such as distance measuring equipment (DME), instrument landing system (ILS), VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range radio), tactical air navigation system (TACAN), and automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) from its Overland Park, Kansas facility.

Selex ES Inc., the market leader and a subsidiary of Leonardo , delivers robust solutions such as ground-based navigation and landing aids for the needs of government agencies, armed forces, and commercial and industrial operators.
It enables seamless access to Leonardo’s comprehensive product range for military and civil industries, in addition to full design, manufacture, and commissioning in the United States. It develops and deploys airport surface situational awareness and safety systems for airports around the world.

As stakeholders work with ground-based equipment, they need to be able to navigate through the equipment with ease. Selex ES Inc. produces CNS equipment complying with com ICAO and FAA standards on software platforms that are user friendly. The company is the only OEM with all facets of the corporation in one location which allows for any issues to be resolved promptly. The method of their production can be changed to incorporate the requirements of their clients.

“We have the only dedicated customer service department in our industry, which we started more than a decade ago to deliver world class customer service,” says Bill Colligan, executive vice president and general manager of Selex ES Inc.The company collaborated with the National Customer Service Association to improve their customer services further. The association helped Selex ES Inc. in its mission and has assisted its staff to become certified customer service professionals. The company has consequently created a strong relationship with its customers.
  • We started more than a decade ago, with a dedicated customer service department. We have the only dedicated customer service department in our industry

The US Navy purchased their first ILS from Selex ES Inc. in 2017. and they continue to have a very agile and collaborative relationship with the company, even after purchase. Through the course of their collaboration, the company was able to improve the value proposition for the US Navy by providing on-time deliveries, excellent installation and customer service, yielding high levels of IPAR/CPAR reviews. The Air Force took a proactive stance on how they facilitated customer repairs of their field and equipment and helped to develop Selex ES Inc.’s customer service department.

Selex ES Inc. is dedicated to improving its customer service to meet the evolving needs of its customers. They aim to fulfill the rapidly evolving technology demands by constantly upgrading and refining their equipment by working on the performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness without changing the customer’s ground-based infrastructure. The company’s cost-effective equipment and customer service are their value proposition, and they continue improve both.
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SelexES Inc.

Kansas, USA

Bill Colligan, executive vice president and general manager of Selex ES Inc.

SelexES Inc. is a subsidiary of Leonardo and offers navigation solutions for aircraft. They focus on the CNS space rather than on ATM. Solutions include DME, ILS, VOR and TACAN. They prioritize customer relations and on advancing the technology of their solutions to create a safer more efficient airspace