What are the Challenges that Aircraft Maintenance Sector Need to Address?

Challenges and latest market dynamics are driving airlines to turn to optimization software to streamline and enhance their maintenance processes

Airlines are continually undergoing challenges in association with aircraft maintenance. The most prevailing of these problems that have been difficult to resolve is the shortage of skilled labor among aviation maintenance technicians (AMTs). These challenges that devour the aviation sector cannot be easily mitigated, as they are related to the actual line maintenance processes, such as tasks that go beyond the turnaround time and unplanned work. Airlines do have the solutions that support predictive maintenance but are not able to implement it effectually. These solutions would assist in the reduction of significant repairs that are related to the downtime and costs while simultaneously helping to facilitate enhanced maintenance planning, scheduling, and resource management. Most leading-edge line maintenance solutions have proven to be invaluable in the case of optimizing aircraft maintenance processes. By recognizing the faults that persist in aircraft management, solutions to help remedy the challenges can be derived and utilized to solve the pain points in fleets' maintenance. 

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 There is no room for doubt regarding aircraft maintenance undergoing a monumental transformation, but, it also does not disapprove of the condition that the sector is in peril striving to flatten the issue curve. It originates from several industries' dynamics; all cohesively gathered to drive airlines to take new measures. There has also been substantial growth in the OEM aftermarket and aftermarket industry consolidationTop Artificial Intelligence Companies, both responsible to rising prices. Aging fleets and new and expanding fleets also have introduced the need for newer strategies. 

According to data gathered for the 2019-2029 Oliver Wyman Global Fleet and MRO Market Forecast, the global fleet of aircraft will rise 42.5 percent by 2029 to over 39,000 aircraft. The aftermarket expense is predicted to increase by 41.4 percent to $116 billion. While at this same time, the shortage of AMTs is expected to experience a 9 percent increase.

When it is about line maintenance, there are several other prominent trends at play. While some airlines like Lufthansa, Air France-KLM, and Delta remain in the same maintenance business, there has been a significant rise in outsourcing of line maintenance to third-party maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers. Airlines also are leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to improve their processes and position their airlines for growth. The challenges and new market dynamics are driving airlines to apply optimization software to streamline and enhance their maintenance processes.

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