Tri-Mack's TPCs Could end Aerospace Industry's Search for Viable Alternative

Tri-Mack's TPCs Could end Aerospace Industry's Search for Viable Alternative

FREMONT, CA: The Aerospace Industry has seen phenomenal growth in the recent past and this is expected to accelerate further in the next decade. The growth in demand for new aircraft necessitates the requirement of cost effective and lighter aircraft components that provide a suitable alternative to those made from metal.

Recognizing the prevailing need for viable substitutes, Tri-Mack –a manufacturer of high temperature thermoplastics –has come up with thermoplastic composites (TPCs) that can meet the demands of the industry. To this end, Tri-Mack recently launched an Advanced Composites Center that is focused on manufacturing TPCs.

TPCs contain high amounts of fiber and its enhanced mechanical properties offer a substantial advantage over injection molded plastics. It can be used with prepreg tape, unidirectional and woven carbon as well as glass and aramid fibers in high temperature polymer matrix such as Polyether ether ketone (PEEK), Polyethylenimine (PEI), Polyamides (PA) and Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).

The Advanced Composites Center benefits from automated tape layup which helps in consolidating low-void laminates and high temperature thermoforming, and this can be modified to align fiber orientation for enhanced performance of the manufactured part. The Center also features Nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection, high-pressure consolidation and waterjet cutting.

TPCs are produced using continuous fiber reinforcing and this process consumes less time unlike the manufacture of thermoset plastics. The production can do away with freezers, autoclaves and hand lay-ups making it cost effective which is sure to help the air craft manufacturers.

”We’ve always viewed our role as that of a valued supply chain partner, helping our clients complete their projects and meet their weight-savings goals. One key aspect of the Tri-Mack formula is that we’ve become an extension of our customers’ engineering teams,” says Will Kain, President, Tri-Mack.

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