Top Five Benefits Of Ocean Freight Shipping

For anyone sending freight globally, it is well recognized that ocean freight ship-ping is a choice that provides transport ser-vices to shippers at an economical price point. As one of the oldest freight transport options, it is also one of the most commonly accessible since oceans and waterways cover most of our world.In fact, more than 90% of the goods shipped in the world are transported by the international shipping industry. But with alternative choices, such as air, road and rail transport, why should a shipper consider ocean transport?

Efficiency No matter the size of your shipments, sea freight companies can usually accommodate your needs. Smaller shipments can be grouped together with other cargo to fill a container, allowing for cost-sharing of the transportation services. Larger cargo can fill one or more containers, offering shippers unmatched bulk options. In fact, vessels are the ideal way to move high volumes of cargo as they are designed to carry large amounts of goods or raw materials.

Economic Hands down, the ocean shipping industry is offering shippers the most affordable freight rates, particularly over long distances. By contrast, some figures indicate that ocean freight transport costs are typically four to six times cheaper than air. With statistics like this one, it is easy to argue that ocean transport is the cheapest international shipping choice.

Oversized Payload Capacity A major benefit of sea freight transport is the ability of shipping firms to accommodate oversized, heavy or bulk cargo – also referred to as breakbulk or nontrailer (NIT) loads. Such cargo could include large vehicles, supplies, building materials and more. Often too heavy or too large for air freight or even over-the-road transport, very large cargo is not an issue for many shipping vessels.

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