Sysmex Heads Toward Efficient Flow Cytometry with its Sample Preparation System

Sysmex Heads Toward Efficient Flow Cytometry with its Sample Preparation System

The emerging technology will help future clients harness laboratory talent in a manner that is both far more meaningful and more gratifying by spending less time on anticipation and more time on analysis. 

FREMONT, CA: Since its foundation in 1968, Sysmex has been offering alternatives to clients around the world, enabling diagnostic fields for the implementation of personal patient-optimized healthcare. Today, the company focuses on developing original techniques for screening and diagnosing blood genes, cells, and proteins.

Recently, Sysmex unveiled its sample preparation system PS-10 in the North American market. By optimizing the complex sample preparation activities for clinical laboratories, the PS-10 delivers more effective workflows and helps standardize clinical flow cytometry monitoring process. Sysmex will advance product design and clinical utility evaluation with flow cytometry as assays to achieve a worldwide rollout of the entire clinical flow cytometry regime, including the PS-10. One of the clinical stream laboratory's most essential but labor-intensive methods is specimen preparation. The PS-10 automates batch preparation, alleviating main operational bottlenecks in congested clinical stream labs and eliminating variation among distinct carriers. The PS-10 also provides programmable antibody combination sample preparation and decreases the quantity of manual sample transfer conducted by laboratory employees.

The fundamental concept is used in urinalysis assays for Sysmex's hematology and sediment. Drug development companies and universities use flow cytometers in clinical development and other fields to conduct cancer and regenerative medicine analysis. Utilizing cell measurement systems primarily grown in the sector of in preclinical models, Sysmex is going forward with item growth and evaluation of fluid cytometric clinical effectiveness with the objective of creating a solution that automates procedures from test preparing to measurement performance monitoring. Furthermore, Sysmex seeks to automate complex and time-consuming procedures of survey preparing with PS-10 to satisfy various client requirements, thus making testing more effective, decreasing the manual strain and adding to standardization.

Sysmex plans to launch the rollout of the PS-10 in the U.S. and Canada. The company will speed up its business development and operations to acquire the required legislative permission for all cytometric stream products globally, aiming for a worldwide load-out of clinical flow cytometry process, including the PS-10.

In March 2019, MedTech Outlook recognized Sysmex as one of the "Top 10 Hematology Solution Providers" for its remarkable contribution in the hematology field. In the future, Sysmex would proceed to implement the techniques and expertise that it has grown in the sector of in vitro diagnostics and leverage its worldwide retail and service networks to enhance screening and diagnostic performance.

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