Renault and Airbus Will Create Battery Technology for Automobiles and Aircraft

Renault Group and Airbus engineering teams will focus on energy storage and solid-state batteries for cars and hybrid aeroplanes.

FREMONT, CA:The Renault (EPA: RNO) Group and Airbus (EPA: AIR) have announced a partnership to enhance battery technology for new vehicles and aircraft.

Renault and Airbus said that engineering teams from the two businesses would work together to investigate and develop solutions for energy storage, one of the challenges facing longer-range electric vehicles. Additionally, the alliance will assist Airbus, a European aerospace corporation with headquarters in Toulouse, France, in developing technology for hybrid-electric aircraft.

The agreement highlights businesses' efforts to work with peers to manage the expensive and challenging electrification transition more successfully. Renault CEO Luca de Meo unveiled a convoluted division of the automaker's electric car and internal combustion engine operations.

According to Renault's executive vice president for engineering, two European experts from separate industries are sharing engineering knowledge for the first time to create the future of hybrid-electric aircraft. The car industry and aviation are very demanding in terms of energy usage and safety.

To increase battery energy density by about 2030, Renault and Airbus plan to switch from present cell chemistries to solid-state designs. The collaboration will concentrate on energy management optimisation and battery weight improvement. To lessen the carbon footprint of future batteries, the firms promised to examine every aspect of their life cycle, including recycling.

In the past, Airbus has worked with manufacturers, most recently on a project involving flying automobiles with Audi.

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