Reinforcing A Security Installed Connectivity System Via Space Technology

The EU, along with space technology, ensures a connectivity system with security as its primary concern, owing to which a secured communication system is constructed, which is also proven to be cost-efficient.

FREMONT, CA: Space Technology plays a crucial role in upgrading people’s daily lives through digital communications that enable building a resilient future. Moreover, the EU, as one of the significant power stations, has instituted various space programmes to enable valuable data and services in transport, agriculture, climatic change, and several other domains. Its policies are altered frequently to stay ahead in the globally competitive space race. Recently, a proposal to regulate space-based secure connectivity has been initiated in the EU to favour an effective space technology administration in Europe. Additionally, a joint communication on its approach concerning Space Traffic Management (STM) is also to be obliged. Through these advances, cutting-edge solutions in the domain can be developed to benefit people and the economy by safeguarding its current assets.

Ensuring Security in Connectivity

Space-based connectivity is crucial to ensure the resilience of nations due to its pivotal role in building economic power, technological sovereignty, digital leadership, competitiveness, and societal progress. For any government and its citizens, security-driven connectivity is essential to ensure that no data gets leaked or misused. Thus, the EU's space commission is regulating numerous approaches to ensure a secure communication system. One pilot solution is to avail uninterrupted access to secure cost-effective satellite communication services for a long period. Sprouting them facilitates protecting critical infrastructures, external actions, surveillance, crisis management, security, and defence, along with applications that are critical to Member States' economies.

A regulatory provision of commercial services via the private sector enables access to reliable, advanced, and fast connections to businesses as well as citizens in all zones, irrespective of the interruptions in communication service. Hence, the digital decade reinforces connectivity over geographical areas of strategic interests including dense forests and ice-covered nations, following the EU Global Gateway Strategy. Furthermore, the requirements for governmental and satellite communications are constantly changing. The EU space-based secure communication system, comprising the latest quantum communication technologies that facilitate secure encryption, tends to these changing priorities owing to its shifting focus on the development of innovative and disruptive technologies. Meanwhile, the New Space ecosystem is also leveraged to the fullest.

The initiation may likely cost up to 6 billion euros, funded by the EU budget, member states, the European Space Agency’s contributions, and private sector investments. While the approach enhances the competitiveness in the EU space ecosystem, it also elevates the availability of professions in the industry. In addition, the technological advantages, operational performance, and reliability of satellite communication services to ensure high-speed internet connections all across the EU are also proffered to citizens.

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