Mohammed Farooq Joins Hypergiant Industries Board of Directors and GM, Products and Global Chief Technology Officer

Mohammed Farooq, Chief Technology Officer and GM Products

Austin, TX - Mohammed Farooq joins Hypergiant Industries as GM Products, Global Chief Technology Officer and member of the Board of Directors. Mohammed Farooq has over 25 years of experience in the enterprise software field including building early-stage companies and transforming businesses and Go to Market offerings for multi-billion-dollar enterprises and cloud service providers. Most recently, Farooq served as GM within IBM Global Technology Services where he established and implemented IBMs multi-cloud strategy. Farooq led the transformation of IBM GTS from a single cloud provider business to hybrid and multi-cloud managed services business. This established IBMs $35 billion Global Technology Services group from traditional Data Center outsourcing business to Hybrid-Multi-Cloud software (SaaS) + managed services business for its F500 client base.

Mohammed joined IBM when it acquired his cloud software company, Gravitant. Gravitant pioneered the creation of the $100 billion+ hybrid multi-cloud market space starting 2010. Prior to the founding of Gravitant, Mohammed spent seven years as CTO for the State of Texas, a $6 billion IT organization, leading the transformation of business and technology operations to improve statewide agency operations and reduce operations costs while improving citizen access.

Mohammed is a leader with decades of experience in the software industry particularly focused on scaling large software businesses. He helped transform IBMs clients to digital and AI enterprises driven by hybrid and multi-cloud architectures that Mohammed developed, said CEO Ben Lamm. It has been a pleasure working with Mohammed on Hypergiants core offerings, Go To Market strategies and technology portfolio and now officially bringing him on full time to the company.

Mohammed will have both a GTM, technical and an operations role in growing the company that includes the further development of Hypergiants core AI platform and distributed cloud services. Expanding Hypergiantcore technology software platform and AI SaaS apps portfolio will be central to the continued growth of the company and required the next level of leadership with a strong ability across both engineering and business strategy. Farooq brings to the table decades of experience and academic rigor doing just that.

Im excited to further lead the development of the core distributed AI technology platform and SaaS applications portfolio for Hypergiant, said Farooq. Hypergiant is successfully enabling AI solutions with clients in the Space, Defense and Industry Supply Chain verticals. Its exciting to work with these client use cases to deliver the next generation distributed cloud and AI offerings spanning clouds, edge, IoT and 5G technologies. Hypergiant hits the market at the perfect time and has the right talent, culture and leadership to accelerate that timing. Im thrilled to be taking on a leadership role in guiding the organization forward.

Mohammed Farooqs hiring comes as the company continues its focus on its core distributed AI-platform and SaaS apps portfolio and more specifically focuses on its core business clients in space, defense, and critical infrastructure. This includes recent partnerships with the United States Air Force and Sumitomo, Japan.

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