Key Factors Impacting the Aerospace Industry Growth

The following factors get projected to play a crucial influence in determining the future of the aerospace industry as technology, and other elements evolve, develop, and grow.

FREMONT, CA: Every industry sector faces challenges, but the aerospace industry, with its broader global impact than any other, is understandably confronting a multidimensional and complex future.

Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2020The skies may appear to be promising from some perspectives. High demand for air travel, a backlog of new aircraft orders, innovative technology, and a recovery in the business aircraft industry, among other things, have all been seen. However, the following problems get projected to play a crucial influence in determining the future of the aerospace industry as technology and other elements evolve, develop, and grow.

Supply chain and digitalization

The aircraft supply chain frequently spans the world and involves more collaboration than ever before, as well as tight deadlines and a high level of digitalization. In reality, a recently published study has revealed a different side to this. Continual digitalization developments at all levels of the supply chain are one of the most critical aspects in fulfilling future goals.


Because of its close ties to the defense industry, the aerospace industry has traditionally pushed for more robust policies. However, the aircraft industry is facing a cyber threat that is both real and present.While consumer-facing breaches typically make the news, other businesses in the sector get constantly targeted by sophisticated attackers that employ tools like cloud computing and viruses. Thus, increasing expenditures in cyber tools will always be a significant challenge for the sector, which is why collaboration with defense companies is critical.


Politics is an ongoing issue in any industry, but particularly in the aircraft industry. Articles abound, with headlines claiming job losses and a worry of losing the industry's competitive edge due to Brexit; yet, this is a legitimate concern and a challenge for the industry.Many businesses are concerned about the impact of Brexit and the political implications of these decisions on specific industries. Uncertainty regarding the terms and consequences of Brexit has created concerns about what should get done next.

The China Risk

The CR929 is a new wide-body, long-range airliner developed by the Chinese to compete with Boeing and Airbus. But, unfortunately, the joint venture with Russia, backed by the Chinese government, is poised to dominate the enormous Asian market, potentially destabilizing the commercial aircraft sector as we know it.

Data Requirements

The computing power necessary for supply chains on a grander scale is enormous, and the capacity to grow is crucial to success. The amount of data stored on these systems is massive, and keeping them operational is a constant issue with the explosion of demand and supply throughout all supply chains.Companies must ensure that the finest technologies are helpful to enable scalability and performance to solve this difficulty. After all, the aerospace business requires a lot of data.

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