JMA Solutions Is Now an Authorized Training Partner for the Project Management Institute

Washington, DC - JMA Solutions is proud to announce that it is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for the Project Management Institute (PMI). As an official partner, JMA’s subject matter experts are authorized to train, support and provide turn-key project management strategies and tactics to its customers and students. JMA’s interactive 35-hour curriculum consists of five days of accelerated learning focusing on the areas of team building, project planning, process improvement tactics and strategy execution. All students will be provided with a practice exam, development activities, training videos, learner assistance and support and 24/7 access to course materials.

“JMA’s PMP curriculum is unique because it adapts to various styles of learning” said Program Manager and PMI-Certified Instructor, Lynn Moore. “Our goal is to provide students with significant real-world project management experience to further their careers.”

For over ten years, JMA Solutions has provided high-level instructor-led training to the public and private sectors in the areas of Air Traffic Management, Leadership Development, Program Management and more. Through its partnership with the Project Management Institute, JMA has significantly expanded its training services to a broader audience and targeted the rapidly growing field of aspiring project management professionals.

“JMA has an extensive history of providing curriculum development courses to its customers” said Vice President of Engineering Services and PMI-Certified Instructor, Marcy Bettis. “We are excited to further our solutions and provide training support to current and potential clients and to the next generation of project management professionals.”

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