IT2EC Returns To London To Explore Evolving Training Technologies

UK, London: IT²EC 2022 is set to reunite the modelling, simulation and training community and explore what’s next for the sector in London on 26-28 April.

The show will welcome leading technology companies led by an overarching theme: Navigating rapidly evolving technologies for Training and Education.

Across the three days, the event will cover; the Expansion of the Digital Twins Concept, the Risks of Using AI, and Human and Machine Learning. As well as topics such as; Train, Reflect, Learn and Train Again, the Reality-Simulation-Reality cycle and the Digital Twin approach - which is now recognised as a fundamental enabler for robust training systems.

On Day one, thought leaders will discuss the latest developments in performance improvement, VR & AR technology for training and simulations in multidomain operational exercises. The opening keynote session will be delivered by Air Marshal Ian Gale, Director-General of JFD at StratCom. He will be joined by Colonel Heath McCormick, Commander of the Joint Multinational Simulation Center, ATC, and Maj Gen Richard Oppelaar, Commandant General of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps.

Day two will investigate the nuances of gaming, planning & execution at scale and simulation architectures with panellists from the British Army Intelligence Corps, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and representatives from the leading manufacturers within this space.

Session highlights include Dr. Winston ‘Wink’ Bennett, a Senior Principal Research Psychologist and Readiness Product Line Lead at the Air Force Research Laboratory, who will chair a session titled ‘AI: The Future is Now. Or Pretty Soon. Probably. Are You Ready?’, with speakers from US Army Futures Command, Aptima and Eduworks. Similarly, Wim Huiskamp, Chief Scientist Modelling and Simulation, TNO Defence, will host the panel, ‘An overview and open discussion about the NATO MSaaS activities and challenges’.

The third and final day of IT²EC 2022 will see senior leaders such as Wing Commander Ruari Henderson-Begg of the RAF, Dr Robert Siegfried from NATO’s Modelling and Simulation Group and Brigadier General Ilmars Lejins, Assistant Chief of Staff Joint Force Development at NATO, all take to the stage to discuss ‘Distributed Synthetic Training: Roadmap towards a Future NATO Capability’.

‘The world is a very different place today than it was when the we last came together for ITEC 2019,’ Gary Waterfall, Senior Defence Adviser, Clarion Defence & Security, said. ‘Our community has been instrumental in adapting training and simulation capabilities throughout the pandemic, and we now have conflict on our doorstep which is driving cross-national training and increased readiness requirements to the top of military agendas across NATO, Europe and beyond.

‘Our sector has a key role to play here and I look forward to welcoming industry, government and academia back to IT²EC 2022 to share knowledge, assess new technologies and shape the future initiatives that will allow us to meet these challenges head on.’

IT²EC 2022 visitors will find a new Technology Lounge and the Disruptive Technology Theatre (DisTec) where exhibitors will host live demos of wearable tech, AI/Machine Learning, Robotics and 5G networking. The lounge is entirely free-of-charge and will offer attendees a hands-on experience of real-life applications, such as arson investigation, firefighter training and armed police response.

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