Aspire MRO To Start A New Widebody Conversion And Maintenance Services At Alliance Airport

Aspire MRO releases a new widebody conversion and maintenance services program at alliance airport's state-of-the-art facility.

FREMONT, CA: “With a strong backlog of work, an experienced leadership team, an impressive facility at the premier Fort Worth Alliance Airport, and the financial backing of a leading global alternative asset manager with decades of experience in our sector, I fully expect Aspire to become the pre-eminent MRO providing conversion and maintenance services to widebody aircraft in North America," states Phil Bathurst, Aspire President and CEO. Aspire MRO has started its widebody MRO and Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) conversion services. Aspire will manage six bays for heavy widebody maintenance and B777 passenger-to-freighter conversions at the old American Airlines maintenance facility at Fort Worth Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas. Aspire was founded by seasoned MRO executives. The company is supported by investment funds managed by Fortress Investment Group LLC affiliates.

With a highly experienced leadership team, a dedicated 840,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, and a highly qualified labor force, Aspire is poised to become a global leader in heavy maintenance and P2F services for local and foreign operators. The company has acquired a significant long-term, multi-year contract to undertake P2F conversions and MRO-related work for Mammoth Freighters. It has adequate additional capacity to help operators worldwide try to satisfy the growing demand for next-generation P2F conversions. Aspire anticipates that the Alliance Airport facility will become a permanent hub for aircraft maintenance, resulting in substantial job growth in the Fort Worth region.

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