Alta Announces Multi-channel, Full Function Mil-std-1553 in-line Thunderbolt™ Product

Innovative Packaging Embeds 1553 Network Controls Directly in PCI Express Cable

Rio Rancho, NM - Alta Data Technologies, LLC(Alta) announces the release of a MIL-STD-1553 Thunderbolt interface appliance:NLINE-T1553™. The product embeds the industry leading MIL-STD-1553 protocol engine, AltaCore™ directly into the Thunderbolt cable assembly. With this new product, a customer has full featured controls for 1-2 channels of 1553 BC, RT and BM functions via a Thunderbolt USB-C connection. Combined with the standard AltaAPI™ software development kit (SDK), and advanced signal capture o-scope capabilities, this product offers unmatched 1553 functionality and ease of deployment for aerospace platforms. The NLINE-T1553 is available now for immediate COTS delivery.

Per Harry Wild, VP of Sales for Alta “The NLINE is a logical extension to the very successful real-time Ethernet ENET™ product line, and recently released 1553 Thunderbolt™ and USB 3 appliances. For deployed systems, or lab usage, the NLINE-T1553 product opens up many 1553 integration options. For example, the customer can take an application developed for desktops or servers, and use this exact same application on a notebook with an NLINE-T1553. And there is signal capture, which is an o-scope capability built-in to help troubleshoot cabling and cybersecurity issues.

This new NLINE-T1553 product provides 1-2 channels of full 1553 network controls via a rugged in-line cable. Our team did an amazing amount of R&D to develop new packaging techniques to embedded our 1553 design directly into MIL-810G/461F qualified cable assemblies, even with operational, water immersion, and 60K altitude with the NLINE-E1553Ethernet product. Now customers can literally connect-up and go.”

Jake Haddock, Alta CTO, states “With our new manufacturing technology, we can design and build in-line 1553 and ARINC products to the utmost rugged capability with 38999 or custom connectors. The Thunderbolt interface provides full PCI Express (PCIe) functions of a 1553 interface board, even hardware interrupts. In most cases, the exact same application code as used with a PCIe card can be used with the NLINE-T1553. The customer can now decide to burn a PCIe card slot, or use an external device via an in-line USB-C cable.”

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